I'm David Cwik, a Southern California aspiring web developer and recent graduate with an Associate's Degree in Web Development. Although I've studied the basics of both website design and programming, my long term goal is to obtain a Computer Science degree.

This site is a showcase of my work to date: Websites, animations, illustrations and photo projects.

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Each "interest" is stored in a database and displayed using PHP and MySQL. The "Why" textboxes are opened and closed with jQuery.

Current Interests: Current Interests function information

I've learned the basic languages of website design, but I've never had any formal training on the general principles of computer programming. I stumbled upon MIT's online Courseware program and discovered this introduction to computer science class, which will help me learn the foundations of Computer Science.


This weekly show covers various topics related to security and computers. Steve Gibson is a well known security guru who can explain even the most complex topics in layman's terms.

Podcast: MacBreak WeeklyWhy?

MacBreak weekly is a roundtable of Mac journalists who discuss all things Apple such as hardware, software and apps.


Bruce Schneier is an expert on security and security technology for computer systems, national security, personal security and crime. He also provides insight into the role of human psychology in security systems.